I'm a American writer currently researching and rewriting

my first novel, half of which takes place in ancient Canaan, 4,000 years ago,  in the Middle East.  Some of my DNA is from the Druze Tribe, who currently live in this area. You can find my short stories  in  "Woven Tale Press,"  "Blue Lake Review," "So It Goes,"  "Ilanot Review,""Beloit Fiction Journal" et. al.  If you're in the mood for satire or sci fi, check out my work  in "The Satirist" and "Daily Frier." I've also published poetry in litmags, my  creative non-fiction is in"Times of Israel Blog," "Huffpo Canada," "San Francisco Chronicle" et. al., and I've sold two screenplays.  In the past I've published as "Sari Friedman" or "Sarita Azul." Now  I'm  going with Sari Ellen.  Ask me about my vodka research, and how it helps me deal with my outa control (yea, still) idealism and hope for humanity.