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Sari Ellen


My goal is to facilitate healing via a caring, honest, supportive and holistic metaphysical approach. 

I work at an expert level. Your Intuitional Readings are

designed to provide you with in-depth, advanced, comprehensive scans of your aura, etheric bodies, energy bodies, chakras, past-life imprint, karmic elements and intrusive thought forms or other influences. My focus is on supporting your understanding of your experience in this time and place... and, if you're in pain, to support your healing and recovery.

  • Psychic - intuitional Readings at the Expert Level

  • Past-Life Regressions at the Expert Level

  • Mediumship at the Expert Level

  • Integrational Metaphysical Services at the Expert Level               to support healing from PTSD, CPTSD, grief, trauma, heartache, loss

  • Spiritual Cleansing of negative imprints, support in detaching and de-cording from toxic relationships, traumas, locations 

  • Support in complex decision making requiring logical analysis and critical thinking in combination with metaphysical aspects

(213) 572-6725 (This line does not accept texts.)

(972) 58-422-9952


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